Awake Holistic Therapies

About us

The ethos of our work as healers

Hi, we are Cat and Irina and this is the place where we connect with you and where you get to know more about us and our work.

We work by channelling universal wisdom, moving and transforming energy and anchoring in love and Divine truth each and every one of our actions. The purpose of our work is to bring balance on all levels of one’s being: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual from a single organ to an entire mind set.
We know that we have been of real service to others, when people who came to us for help are able to break free from the victim mind set, acknowledge their limitless potential and continue the work they started with us on their own, by following their own song and trusting their own truths, those truths that are whispered by their hearts.

Each of our sessions is formulated to suit each individual and may include different therapies used together in one session. It may happen that a client needs to experience different therapies put together in a package for a deeper, more effective healing process and in this case a package will be recommended to them during the first consultation session. All we do is meant to facilitate the return to a state of equilibrium, the achievement of balance between opposites and the realisation of one’s true self. We believe nothing is coincidental and that life lays our path every day; after, it is up to each of us to take a leap of faith and step forward on it.

Why chose us? 

Above all the diplomas or certificates obtained with prestigious holistic governing bodies in UK or internationally, our extensive life experience is what we believe gives us the most valuable and deepest knowledge and skill. What gives us the ability to be of service to others above all else is the fact that we already went through a lot of personal inner transformation ourselves and know how to interpret all human emotions; we understand the link between negative mental patterns and trauma because we observed, understood and healed many of these patterns within ourselves. By travelling numerous parts of the world, we experienced life in incredible ways and our minds have been expanded to such extent that we believe nothing is impossible and we reached a point where we welcome the miraculous into our lives every day. The wonderful thing about the miraculous is that when it is welcomed, it truly shows up in the most incredible and unexpected ways. 

The intensive work we did on ourselves has caused our vibrational frequencies to rise; it helped us access more of our consciousness and deepened our connection to source. In return, this gave us access to incredible gifts and skills that allow us to help others learn how to end their inner struggle. Skills like channelling universal, Divine wisdom, manipulating the energy for healing purposes, creating powerful medicine using natural ingredients or using our hearts to heal ourselves and others are just a few examples of the things you could experience when connecting with us.

We can support you on your journey to expand your mind and make room for incredible experiences in your life. We are all incredible, unique beings; some of us just don’t know it yet. As healers, we will support you as you discover the beauty you hide inside, we will be there to guide you on the path to self-healing and inner equilibrium if you allow us to.

Our Values:

Guidance – Offer support and guidance for people to discover their true Divine inner essence.

Balance – Our therapies are aimed to bring balance to all human aspects: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Empower – Provide a safe environment where the client can discover its own limitless healing potential.

Trust – Always act with kindness from an open, loving heart to inspire trust and the ability to surrender into the beauty of living life one moment at a time.

Mysticism – Aim to expand the mind to receive knowledge otherwise inaccessible to the intellect through contemplation and self-surrender.

Intuitive Healing – Transform and transmute energy and channel universal wisdom to help people grow with every experience of life