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A talk about energy, vibrations and frequencies

What is energy?

Well if you ask me, energy is life! And a good place to start writing about energy is Einstein’s famous quote: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

What this quote basically says is that we, humans, along with everything else here on Earth are energy and that energy can be influenced to get the reality you want. This may seem a bit odd if it is the first time you hear it but let me explain a little bit.

My first question when I heard this quote was: “And how do things appear as solid if we are energy? As far as I am aware, energy is not visible, is not solid.”

To explain this, we must discus the composition of matter.

For a certain period of time, due to the Newtonian physics, the atom was considered to be the smallest visible particle in the universe. From 1895, the scientists started discovering that there are smaller particles inside the atoms like electrons and later the nucleus, protons, neutrons etc. The surprise came with the discovery of the fact that these particles contain even smaller particles called quarks or bozons which are actually made of energy, invisible vortices of energy. So basically what this discovery says is that the core, the composition of an atom (the particle that forms the base of the material/physical world) is made of energy. This means that energy is the core of all matter and if we extrapolate, if all that is material has energy at its core, it means that matter is made of energy. This discovery set the ground for what we call now quantum physics.

How does energy appear solid?

But still a question remained: If energy is invisible, how can you see me?

Well, you can see me in the light but not in the dark. What this means is that what you see is not actually me, what you see is light photons bouncing off the surface of my energy and being reflected back to you. I actually am an invisible energy force underneath a whole cascade of photons that are hitting me and being reflected back to you.

But I can feel you, even in the dark!!

Yes, that’s true! But let’s imagine a tornado without the dust and the dirt; the tornado would then be invisible. The dust and the dirt make it visible. If you were to hit an invisible tornado, you would feel as if it’s pushing back at you, you would feel as you are hitting against nothing. This happens because you are pushing against the force field of the tornado.

The point here is that energy has force and that force is palpable, you can touch this force and feel it. So when you are touching my physical body, you are not touching matter, you are touching billions of atoms and each atom has inside of it super powerful nano-tornados of energy called quarks. These energy profiles are stronger than a tornado so you cannot push your hand through me as my energy field will push back against you.

So what you see as physical is actually an energy field that is resisting the push and as a result when you are touching me, although you think you are touching physical matter, you are actually touching an energy force field that is pushing back on you.

Now that we understood the basics of how something made out of energy appears solid, let’s talk about how the way the energies interact with each other affect the way you feel.

Good Vibes, Bad Vibes

Whilst mater is made of separate units, energy is made out of waves and is an entanglement of everything. This shows that everything in the Universe is connected to everything else in the Universe because energy is one single entanglement of waves and cannot be separated. If two energies come together in harmony they create a much more powerful energy that has the properties of both the energies that joined to give birth to the new energy.

Because humans are made of energy, when our energies harmoniously interact with our environment we take some of the energies of that environment and become more energised and sometimes feelings of joy and pleasure emerge within us. We call these good vibes.

Good vibes mean that the energy around us adds to our energy and we feel more powerful, we feel stronger and we have more vitality.

When two interacting energies are out of phase, are not in harmony, the energy of one cancels the energy of the other and this is seen as a destructive interaction. When we, as humans experience this type of interaction, we call it bad vibes.

For example, when we are in a dark place that is unfamiliar, we can sometimes feel our energy going out of our body and we feel weak and that our health could be compromised.

Good vibrations and bad vibrations help you read the field around you and let you know if you are in a place that supports your life or you are in a place that threatens your life by reading your energy levels and the way you feel.

This shows that the Universe is a field of energy that controls the environment around us and within us and that everything is part of an interconnected web of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies. This web of energy is also referred to as consciousness, God or life force.

To go further into the subject I am going to continue by writing about what frequency is and how different frequencies can impact our energy fields.

Frequency is the rate at which vibrations occur and is measured in Hz. Frequency also measures brain waves and depending on what wave our brains are, we can experience life in a completely different way from each other.

Brain Wave Patterns and their influence on our behaviour

Beta brain wave pattern – frequency of 12.5 to 30 Hz

This is the state of the mass, the human consciousness. It is the “I need to survive here” and “looking out for number one”. When we are vibrating in this frequency, our focus is generally consumed by a “me, me and mine” mentality. When we are in this frequency field, we find all things to do with light and frequencies ridiculous, unfeasible or something that belongs to some future dream world.

When the individuals are awake and alert, there brain is operating in the beta state of activity. Beta waves are fast. Beta brainwaves are important for effective functioning throughout the day, but they also can translate into stress, anxiety and restlessness. The voice of that “nagging inner critic” can get louder the higher you go into the Beta range.

Alpha brain wave pattern – frequency 8 to 13 Hz

In this state we start asking questions like “Who am I”, “Why I am here” or “Surely there is more to life than just paying the bills and raising a family”.

When we think like this, we stimulate our brain wave patterns into the Alpha zone of a more reflective, meditative consciousness which often opens the door for higher knowing to flow through. In this zone, we move into the “me and them” awareness and we may start to glimpse the fact that we are not victims but are the masters of our own destiny.

We might slip back into the Beta waves from time to time when we allow ourselves to be stressed and this stress becomes greater when slipping from an Alpha state back to a Beta one.

How to return to the “feel good” Alpha state if you slipped back into the Beta?

  • Meditate
  • Take time for yourself (this sends the Universe a vibration of self-love and self-care which will help you move to a higher wave length) – spend time in solitude and contemplation
  • Exercise compassion towards self and others
  • Eat healthy food – the energy of food affects your vibrational frequency in high proportion
  • Move your body in any way that feels right to you and connect to the sensations that arise during this process

In the Alpha stage we are beginning to understand that life mirrors our own consciousness. We start asking questions like: “Am I really happy?”, “If not, why not?”, “What can I do to change this?”

Alpha is ‘the power of now’, being here, in the present. Alpha is the resting state for the brain. Alpha waves aid overall mental coordination, calmness, alertness, mind/body integration and learning.

Theta brain wave pattern – frequency of 4 to 7 Hz

In this stage, we have moved into the field of unified consciousness where we may even feel “at one” with everything as if we are just one small cell in the body of a Divine organism that pulsates with a compassionate, intelligent and loving awareness.

In this stage we have realised that how we spend our time and what we pay attention to, will directly influence the type of experiences that we attract in life. By this stage we have become aware of the power of our thoughts and the feelings of separation disappear. We realise that our spirit is eternal and that death is just an illusion. The more we spend time in this field, the more we wish to give something back, to serve and be of use to others and to have our presence contribute positively in this world.

In this stage we truly realise the value of planet Earth and we do anything in our power to show respect and love by recycling, composting, eliminating single use plastic, loving and respecting the animals and all other life forms on the planet.

Delta brain wave pattern – frequency 0.5 to 3 Hz

In this stage all our questions disappear as our inner being has been flooded with such powerful energies that we hunger no more. Our physical body has been flooded by so much light, love, joy and Divine ecstasy that every cell is vibrating at the frequency of a true God in form.

Our mental being may or may not retain conscious awareness and our awareness of the physical world usually disappears.


During our lives, if we are consciously striving to discover our true essence, we will find ourselves experiencing all of these stages at different moments in time and slipping from one stage to another according to our experiences and feelings. For example, it would be very difficult for someone to live amongst people and continuously be in the Delta frequency. It would also be very difficult to run a company without the alertness of the Beta wave patterns.

It is ideal to learn to recognise when your brain moves between stages and what are the triggers as well as what helps returning to the higher states where the body easily enters homeostasis (the state of perfect balance, the state of intensive self-healing). We can then use different techniques and meditations to cruise through these states and use them in the best way possible in order to create a life of peace and joy for ourselves.

David R, Hawkins developed a “map” of the levels of human consciousness (also called the Scale of Consciousness) for which I will attach a picture bellow. This scale of consciousness shows how different human states impact the way our lives manifest, proving once again that the inner states influence the outer reality and not the other way round. By looking at this photo, we can see how important it is to heal ourselves and transmute the low vibrational feelings and behaviours present in our energy field into high vibrational ones.

By healing our traumas and raising our vibrational frequency, we have the opportunity to live happier, fuller lives and break free from the patterns of suffering and self-sabotage that have been programmed into our subconscious minds since birth.

How to raise your vibrational frequency?

There are countless modalities to raise our vibrational frequency and most of them don’t cost any money.


The most effective way to increase your vibrational frequency is to mediate. If you find it hard to meditate in silence, you can start with guided meditations and then move to silent meditation once you got used to sitting in meditation for a certain period of time. Listening to binaural beats before bed will also help train your mind to settle and focus, skills needed when you mediate. It is advised to listen to binaural beats for 21 days for real change to be experienced. Meditation is an incredible practice that has many applications in the field of alternative medicine. Many alternative medicine therapies use meditation as a main tool in the process of treating their clients. For example: hypnotherapy, shamanic journeying, angelic healing, Taoist practices etc.

Spending time in nature

The forest, the beach, the sea water, the mountain or any other place in nature that makes your heart sing with joy will cause the release of serotonin and endorphins in your system. These neurotransmitters help relax your body and shut down the “flight or fight” response.

Self-love as a form of showing love and appreciation to ourselves

When we invest time and money in ourselves we notice that the Universe will also match this energy and send us gifts and opportunities to take care of our needs and more. Whether you are booking a massage session or buying some nice clothes or having lunch by the sea, the ways to show love and appreciation for who we are, are endless. So put the self-love hat on and see what you can come up with.

Energy work

When you go to a healer, alongside working on a specific aspect of your life, you are guaranteed an increase in your vibrational frequency.  It is up to you to maintain that frequency afterwards but a healer will affect your energy in such way that it will go up up up. When performing healing, an energy worker will tune into the Earth’s frequency which is also called the Schumann Resonance and once tuned into it, will automatically affect your own energy field in a positive, deeply healing manner.

All of our sessions are meant to bring changes to the frequency, moving you from a state of Beta to higher states of consciousness depending on the therapy you chose to undertake.

Love Irina