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The pink light ray represents love and peace; the white ray brings purity and harmony and the green ray represents healing and prosperity

In this session you are immersed in the beautiful angelic crystalline pink, white and green energy rays combined with the earth crystalline energy of the same rays. The pink light ray represents love and peace and in this session shows up as a pink lily held by archangel Jophiel that is pouring pink light into your system through your heart chakra. The pink energy is bringing the feelings of love, compassion and kindness, that you hold in your heart, to the surface to cleanse and restore the darker corners of your being. The white ray brings purity and harmony to your system and in this session appears as the Queen of Angels, Mother Marry, dressed in a white dress pouring white light from a pitcher into your crown chakra (based at the top of your head). This energy brings complete balance to your system and cleanses all the other chakras with the purity of the white light. The green ray represents healing and prosperity and in this session is manifested by the image of you immersing in a lake of green light with archangel Raphael blessing the water and watching over you. This will bring healing and cleanse your entire system on a deeper level, the level of your subconscious, the level where all your challenges are rooted.

During the session I program these specific light rays to go deep into your energetic bodies and make changes at a cellular level by replacing any low frequency energy with the energy of love, peace, purity, harmony, abundance and healing. You are going to be held by the Archangels and they will also perform healing to help the light penetrate through the darkest corners of your being.

This session is intended to bring your energy frequency to that of holiness. You will feel
relaxed into the flow of life and filled with pure divine loving energy. You will bathe in angelic frequencies, reset and restore.

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